The Embers of Eilarûn

It is the four-hundred-and-eighth year of the Quiet Spring.

Emptied lands and shattered states lie in the wake of three millennia of war and genocide. In faded halls, once-great kingdoms retreat inwards to bask in memory. Fledgling states rise and ancient nations rebuild. What was barren is fallow again.

Fragile peace wells hope of dawn, but the ancient arts are lost, and in these small hours, wolves howl a new age.

The Echoes of Khiapaht

tamot khiapaht deßtdekho khiapaht etnakhso takhot
edtû! acacîš câddu ilu-ciapah amût apal hamšat hanânum
It is said Khiapaht's death tore the noxus, scattering into five echoes its living self.
— ln. 1, st. 74, Alap Tet Dakharat, "Beginning and End",
the Duobkha creation myth in logographic Khiakh,
Iroði Khiakh, Isylêl, and Trade Speech

The home realm of Men, rolling grasslands, an idyll unspoilt by cities, her name lost to myth and fear. The Blacklands, which rose upon glass crowns cast from the ash of their old world. The Eifewele, a reaching tree, ossified death throes of the echo twisted and bent, from which sprang Elves. Red polar marshes of Suraksa, the Eiluðîn's forge, crafters of the greatest relics of the realms.

All foregather on Eilarûn. All foresaken on Eilarûn.

Lore of the Realms

Such blinded delight now drawn quiet with dawn
He returned with his slaves to the splintering sun.

— final stanza from a partially lost and questionable Eifr
translation of an Eiluðîn description of the origins
of a lost artifact, the Suraskan Script Cases

The Duobkha recount that Khiapaht, on which Eilarûn rests, has slept for 50,053 years. In that time, civilizations have risen, fallen, and been lost to time. Though much has been lost to time, all that has been recorded by the priests, scribes, and scholars from the Autumn Palace to Haven Isgeðeôd, all that is known from the Temple of the Azure Star to the Red Chain of Litherisa, weaves together below.


Homebrew races, classes, and other rule modifications for probably unbalanced gameplay in the Embers, as well as the origins, inspiration, commentary, and technical aspects of designing, building, and uncovering a low-magic grimdark on the back of a dead space monster.